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Playbook – Better at Earning Trust

Want to build stronger relationship(s) that go the distance? Then this is the guide for you!

This playbook could help you establish deeper, more meaningful connections and form trustworthy bonds, whether these are with your partner, friendships, family members, clients or colleagues.

This playbook aims to teach you the skills to behave in a trustworthy matter so that people will value you and feel safe and secure in the relationship with you.

It might assist you in recognising if you can trust and count on those around you.

If you are a couple, it will guide you into how to treat each other in a way that could help strengthen your bond.

 This playbook is perfect for:

  • Adults who like to have more secure and trustworthy relationships, whether it is with their partner, friends, colleagues, clients, family members, loved ones, and/or significant others
  • Couples who like to learn how to build a strong, secure bond together that can last the distance
  • People who like to know how to re-earn trust coins after trust has been broken
  • Individuals who like to know how to earn trust within relationships in general

This playbook could help you:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of trust in relationships
  • Identify and understand the components that are needed to form trustworthy bonds and deep connections with others
  • Comprehend how trust is earned and/or broken
  • Assist with earning trust coins
  • Understand how a relationship contract works
  • Acknowledge and address problem areas in a relationship
  • Learn skills to set up clearly defined rules
  • Create the ability to measure trustworthy behaviour
  • Understand and recognise the 5 components of trust
  • Recognise whether a person is trustworthy
  • Identify whether you have trust issues
  • Recognise where trust issues stem from
  • Create an awareness of how to move through betrayal

This 44 page Playbook will include:

  • Intro by Des
  • Insights Section, to gain an understanding of:
    • What the key is to a lasting relationship and forming strong connections
    • Relationship Contracts
    • How trust is earned
    • How trust is broken
    • Reasons to continue a relationship
    • Components of trust
    • Where trust issues stem from
    • General steps that need to happen to deal with betrayal
  • How-to-guide on:
    • Identifying problem areas in your relationship
    • Defining measurable rules
    • Creating a relationship contract
    • Earning trust coins
    • Identifying and scoring trust-worthy behaviour in yourself and others
  • 4 practical fillable/workable PDF worksheets
  • Cheat Sheet with pointers to remember
  • References

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This product is a digital download in PDF format, with fillable/writable worksheets, and easy to print.

Because this playbook is a digital download and cannot be returned or revoked, no refunds are available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Des Norgate

Good reading

Shalla Coker
It definitely taught me how to better gain the trust of my Lover!

There is no time like the present to do whatever it takes to be 100% on the same page as your life partner. Knowing how is what makes you or breaks you if you don’t know how. This was a great tool to help understand and put into action the things one would need to so that the trust level that is needed for a successful relationship can be obtainable!

Wonderful relationship tool.

Fantastic read, really useful. Relevant to any relationship, work/friendship/ romantic. Thank you!

Amanda sanches Souza
A must for every couple

Des is amazing with what she does. This playbook has given me hope and practical direction on how to be better in my relationship. Thanks so much!

Inspiring and practical

Trust is essential for deep relationships. By working through this material I have been inspired to be a friend, father and husband that people can truly trust. Not just inspired but, but well and truly taking steps forward on the journey towards this, thanks to the many insightful and practical tips.
I am thankful for this material.