Meet Desiree Spierings

Research shows the key to happiness is happy relationships!

I recognize that every relationship has its challenges, which is completely normal. We also don’t get an instruction manual on how to be the best possible partner. As I always say:

‘Just because you love your partner, does not mean they FEEL LOVED by you.’

– Desiree Spierings –

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It covers how to stay emotionally connected, how to communicate effectively, how to be a better team and share the load fairly, how to earn trust and deal with challenges that might come your way, and how to have a healthy intimate connection in the bedroom.

Keep Loving Yourself and Others! 

About Desiree Spierings

Experience: With over 20 years of experience in the field, Desiree Spierings is a leading Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist. She loves sharing her knowledge with a broad audience because she believes everyone deserves a happy life with meaningful relationships and a healthy dose of intimacy!

Media: Desiree co-hosted the ABC1 TV series ‘Making Couples Happy’. Desiree regularly appears in the media, including TV, Radio, podcasts, and live streams, as an expert on relationships and sex.

Talks: Desiree regularly speaks at conferences and provides education sessions, lectures, and presentations to healthcare professionals, schools, businesses, and the wider community. She was an Honorary Associate Lecturer of the Graduate Program in Sexual Health, Faculty of Health Sciences at Sydney University.

Education: Desiree has a BA/Psychology from Macquarie University, a PG/Dip in Psychology from Macquarie University, and a Master of Health Sciences/Sexual Health from Sydney University. Her PG/Dip research was on the subject of rejection.

Personal: Desiree was born in The Netherlands and arrived in Australia over 25 years ago. She describes being happily married to a Dutchman and has four children (3 boys and a girl). Her immigration sparked her interest in the cultural differences regarding attitudes, norms, and values around relationships and intimacy.

She says: “I believe it is important to recognize that there is no ‘normal’ and that normality is defined by individuals depending on their culture, religion, personality, upbringing, language, sex, sexuality and creativity. These differences keep me motivated and interested in my work since I meet different kinds of ‘normal’ daily.”

Passion: Desiree’s true passion is to spread her knowledge on relationships and intimacy to a broad audience and, in the process, positively impact people’s lives. We are incredibly grateful to have our community of over 75,000 people on Instagram and humbled by all the positive feedback. Thank you so much!

Desiree Says: “Every relationship can encounter difficulties, even the very best ones, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. In your life, many challenges will be thrown at you and/or your partner, but how you deal with those challenges can truly make a world of difference. 

Remember to work WITH each other, rather than AGAINST each other!
-Desiree Spierings- 

I sincerely believe that all of us must look at ourselves within, that we love our relationship with ourselves first and foremost, and that we can recognize and be at peace with our own strengths and weaknesses. 

When it comes to your relationships (spouses, partners, family, friends, or social circles), they play an integral role in your happiness. Knowing how to navigate relationships well (how to communicate/forgive/and work as a team, for example) can make a world of difference to your happiness and contentment. No matter how busy you are, continue to feed your relationships. I am here to help! 

Relationship Wellness aims to teach you the LOVE SKILLS FOR LIFE needed for your relationship to thrive. Additionally, we will assist you with incorporating and maintaining these skills and provide various tools to deal with life’s challenges.”


‘Feeling angry does NOT mean something is wrong with YOU. Feeling angry means SOMETHING is wrong’

– Desiree Spierings –