Workshops & Retreats

Desiree loves to facilitate workshops and couples’ retreats on Better Relationships. For more information and dates for upcoming retreats and workshops feel free to contact Relationship Wellness below.

Guest Speaking Events

With ‘Your Choice of Topic’- presentations, Desiree comes in to talk about one main topic which is of interest to the group related to relationship/personal/sexual growth or wellbeing. She likes to make the talk interactive while covering the main research in the field and give guidance on how to do things even better to affect change. She will provide key take home messages and will always give opportunities to ask questions. If you like to find out more, please contact us.

‘Ask Des Anything’

When talking or presenting to smaller groups, the ‘Ask Des Anything’ option is all about making the talk more personable and relatable to your specific situations. Rather than talking about one topic in- depth, Desiree endeavours to answer your specific questions concerning your relationships (partner/family/friends/colleagues), sex life, or personal well-being. The aim is to give you a personal take-home message that you can implement to make a true difference. All questions are asked and answered anonymously in a small group setting. Contact us for further information.

Press Interviews

For press interviews, podcasts, articles, radio or tv appearances feel free to contact us.


‘Instead of figuring it out, FEEL IT OUT. Emotions are information. What are your emotions telling you?’

– Desiree Spierings –

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