Do you sometimes feel your relationship is running on autopilot? Are you missing the joys of love, closeness, and intimacy? Do you want to feel more heard, seen, and loved by your partner but don’t know where to start?  

Look no further!  

Desiree has created the DAILY LOVE METHOD.  

It is a simple mindset technique you and your partner can apply daily to your relationship. It can help make your relationship feel more meaningful, even during hectic times. It will aid in injecting joy, making you feel more loved and closely connected. Additionally, it can safeguard your relationship by keeping it on track to last the distance.

Desiree says: 

“When I ask clients, ‘How are you?’  

The most common answer I get is: ‘Busy!’” 

I understand they are not busy loving each other, but they are busy with all the other demands of life. Because of this busyness, their relationship suffers, and often couples feel lost in juggling it all; the demands of work, children, running a household, exercise, family, and friends. Everything is important, and often people question how to do it all successfully.    

It is a daily struggle we all feel. Our relationship is then something we start to take for granted. We trust our partner will be there regardless and therefore begin seeing and treating them as a constant. Paying conscious attention to our partner often drops off our to-do list altogether. The relationship starts to run on autopilot. 

Making time for your partner is essential! The more you put time and effort into something, the better it goes. Your relationship is no different. Therefore, review how you could inject more time and effort into your relationship, and don’t forget to make time for each other and always keep your partner as one of your main priorities in life! However, the reality is that sometimes we are in survival mode juggling all of life’s demands, and we need to safeguard our relationship for those times too.   

So, how can we ensure we do NOT take each other for granted when life gets hectic? What can we do to prevent our relationship from running on autopilot? How can we feel closely connected throughout a lifetime of togetherness with all the crazy demands of life? 

This is one of the most common problems I see in my practice, and therefore I have created this simple Daily L.O.V.E. Method 

The benefit of the Daily LOVE Method is that it is a mindset you can apply to your relationship every day and is something you can do even when life gets hectic. It is a simple way to put the magnifying glass on your partner and consciously show them love daily!  

It will teach you how to prioritize your partner without compromising on other priorities like work, children, household chores, and personal well-being. We can easily weave ‘loving our partner’ into our busy daily schedules, and it does not take up much of our time.   

Applying this method to your relationship daily will bring joy, closeness, understanding, and, most of all, LOVE! 

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‘Replace judgement with curiosity. Ask yourself: How might THEY be right?’

– Desiree Spierings –

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